Our opinion: Ballots with blanks

There are two possibilities for the dearth of candidates for local public offices in Warren County.

1. Local government here runs like a fine Swiss watch; the constituency is satisfied, perhaps giddy, at the operation of the Warren County School Board, various supervisor and borough councils, even the government of the City of Warren.

2. Apathy.

Oh, if the only answer were the former, but we suspect it is the latter.

All is not utopian in Warren County. There are challenges at every level of government, from fiscal matters to the parceling of services.

As for the school board, the long-running brouhaha over the structure of the county school district has cooled, but the developing compromise that doused the fire has brought with it new challenges. And, those are just the logistical questions. There are still the ever-present challenges of modifying curriculum to match the changing needs of new generations and making sure it passes muster with whatever state and federal education departments mandate.

Municipal government has its own challenges and begs for people with fresh ideas as revenue stagnates and state and federal mandates continue to grow.

Yes, it’s hard work. No, you won’t get many pats on the back. In fact, you can almost be guaranteed some criticism.

In the long run, though, you will learn that it’s easy to sit back and critique, much more difficult, but rewarding, to step forward and act.

There will be a lot of blank spaces on ballots in Warren County on Tuesday. Let’s hope that by the next round of municipal elections voters here will have ballots that don’t leave quite so much to the imagination.