Dear editor:

As I am frequently in Washington, D.C. my travel there has uniquely positioned me to observe the “inside the Beltway” response to the recent and all too brief government shutdown number 18 (17 pre-Tea Party shutdowns).

No one cared. Nothing changed.

To the very few “essential” civil servants, Mr. Obama directed via memo: 1) make it hard for the public and 2) report (embellish) negative consequences of the shutdown. He tried to shut down Mt. Vernon, which has never been publicly owned (like he though America was made up of 57 states, e.g., students in Muslim countries don’t study American history).

Our friends in Europe have also weighed in. About 80%, I am privately told, are shocked that Obama is empowering NSA to gather information on private citizens, seems intent on bankrupting the country (which affects them), gutting the military (which terrifies them), and cannot understand why WE haven’t stopped him; not THEM but HIM.

Who is this “we”? To you folks who did not vote last election, you actually did not vote by default by letting others determine (by proxy, falsely reported write-ins, Black Panther escort and voter miscount) who the next group of leaders should be. You may not have voted, but plenty of dead people did.

“The fact that we are here today,… is a sign of leadership failure. America has a debt problem…a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I, therefore, intent to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt.” Yep. Obama once said that, a lie to get elected.

Without the paperweight of the press, the validated strength of progressive is: The Million Muslim March, which brought out about 20 folks to the Mall, probably half professors, plus John Boehner’s incompetence to lead .

Tea Party folks returned all the barricades the Park police erected, to the White House. Veterans, WE call the Greatest Generation but Obama calls the Greediest Generation, organized to march. Another march to end slavery is coming, the Right to Life. You probably won’t hear much. The media, once devoted to reporting facts, now vomits Truth to lead the way Forward (er, was that Obama’s slogan or Hitler’s). Not even the Pope wants to discuss hard choices.

Next time, hold your nose if you have to, but vote. Once the country is bankrupt and follows the Forward way of progressive liberals/Marxists, it won’t return. No fallen democracy or Republic ever returns. If we want our Republic to stand, forget the excuses and cacophony of politics. Stand-and vote.

Ellen Shepherd