Busy WAEC weeks

These two weeks have been very busy at Warren Area Elementary Center. Not only were students excited to have their grandparents come to visit for lunch, but they also got to attend the NED assembly and enjoy the Book Fair. This week, on Monday, the Open House with the Halloween Parade was held and the PTO fundraiser deliveries will take place. The week will continue with more grandparent luncheons. The Book Fair will run until Nov. 1. Grandparents signed up for lunch ahead of time according to when their grandchild’s grade and teacher’s time was listed for the grandparent luncheon. At left, Lydia Balas is delighted to have her grandfather, Richard Balas, join her for her third grade lunchtime. Above, grandparents enjoy getting a glimpse of what their grandchildren’s lunch experience can be, and have great conversation at the same time!