Learning Enrichment Center students compete in Bradford

It’s math season at the LEC.

Hours of numbers, estimation, and problem solving. Houses of cards with chocolatey snacks, number crunching, and no large snakes.

At the third annual piTHON math competition Oct. 18, in Bradford, 15 Warren County School District Learning Enrichment Center students in grades six through eight computed, calculated, estimated, and built their way to distinguished finishes.

WCSD Team 2 – Aidan Farrell, Josef Bauer, Trenten Dippold, Lydia Giannini, and Jack Shaw, all from Eisenhower Middle High School and Russell Elementary School – finished second overall.

WCSD 1 was comprised of Beaty-Warren Middle School students Nick Lindsey, Stephen Ashbaugh, Joshua John, Caitlin Strassburg, and Emmanuelle Satcho.

Dean Procter, Rebekah Hogg, Naomi Haight, Brodie VanOrd, and Raiyan Ahmad made up WCSD 3.

Students worked individually to solve problems in the first two rounds, with and without calculators. VanOrd, an eighth-grader at Eisenhower Middle High School, took first overall in round 2.

The third round involved a solid hour of problem solving.

In the final round, team members worked together on brain-teasers.

WCSD 2 won the structural challenge by building the tallest house of index cards capable of supporting a cup half-full of M&Ms. Folding was allowing, but no other materials.

The team’s tower rose to a height 30 inches.

Giannini, Ahmad, and Farrell were individual winners of estimation challenges.

Younger students competed less than a week later. Students in grades four through six participated in the Equations competition on Oct. 22 at Clarion against students from all over Intermediate Unit 6.

“This was our third time to attend this competition,” math teacher Kellie Blasco said. “In the past we have placed second as a team and have had some individual ‘undefeated’ players.”

The LEC students rose above even those results. “The third time is a charm,” Blasco said. “We won both divisions.”

Fourth-graders Will Strassburg (Russell Elementary), Sean Holmburg and Jason Bonavita (Warren Area Elementary Center), and Logan Johnson (St. Joseph School) won a traveling trophy.

The rest of the fourth-grade contingent included Ben Lindquist and Kolin Baker (Youngsville Elementary), Graham Carr (WAEC), and Erin Hagadorn and Kaden Weber (Russell).

The winning fifth-and sixth-grade team members were Megan McGuinness and Wesley Keihl (St. Joseph) , Maddie Fadale (Beaty), and Gage Hendrickson (YEMS).

They were joined by Sarah Satcho, Colin Ely, Gareth Smith, and Storm Sivak (WAEC), Aidan Colosimo (Beaty), and Jared Martone (Russell).

“We have been practicing the ‘game’ as well as learning the variations since the start of the school year,” Blasco said. “The students ‘play’ against each other and challenge each other to be the best.”