Tea Party

Dear editor,

You may be considered an extremist and a potential terrorist, according to some of our governmental elite, and not even realize it! Please take a few seconds to take the following quiz and find out:

1. Do you want to pay fewer taxes?

2. Do you desire smaller, less-intrusive government?

3. Do you desire to see the federal government honor the rule of law instead of operating by selective law enforcement?

4. Do you appreciate freedom to assemble to petition your government?

5. Do you appreciate legal protection of your private documents?

6. Do you appreciate your liberty to defend your life with lethal force, vis-a-vis, firearms, if necessary?

7. Do you value economic freedom? You know…, go places when you want to, purchase what you need and want, or invest for the future?

If you answered, “Yes” to these questions, you could be a Tea Party “Extremist”.., you know…, the cross-section of America like doctors, carpenters, police, bikers, farmers, nurses, truck drivers, veterans, etc. who are willing to take a stand for these things to keep American heritage alive.

The Tea Party simply stands for fiscal responsibility and accountability. The Tea Party stands against the out-of-control, Marxist, power-grabbing, over-spending governance we are now witnessing.

The Tea Party stands to defend America from “Fundamental transformation,” ie., destruction! It is simply standing for God, family and country! What is wrong with that? Nothing! It is OK to protect ourselves and others from harm!

The Tea Party has been blamed for things that it did not do, as expressed by the writer in the Reader’s Forum Oct. 14, 2013 who claims the Tea party is responsible for the recent partial government shut-down; that, in my opinion, is just a talking-point aimed at vilifying the Tea Party. The Tea Party is not responsible for “Shutting-down” the government! Even though the Republican led House sent several measures to the Senate for consideration to alleviate the shut-down situation, they were all flatly rejected, which rejection portended the shutdown! Obama’s and Reid’s recalcitrance forced the shutdown. And…remember…

“I will NOT negotiate!(?)” It was Obama saying, in so many words, “It’s my way or the highway!”

Defunding Obamacare is the last remaining opportunity to defend Americans from the super-destructive results of Obamacare’s implementation. The Tea Party simply stands to defend America from disaster! That’s all! Just standing for God, family and country! Stand with us!

Garry Campbell