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The Warren County Christian School will be alive with the sound of music.

Just give them a couple of months to compete the dulcimer, violin and ukulele that students in John Lewis’ technology class are crafting.

“Technology is about studying systems,” Lewis said, noting that musical instruments are a $50 billion industry.

The idea came when his wife found a dulcimer kit that belonged to his mother. When she asked him what he wanted to do with it, the idea was born.

The students working on each instrument are driving the project.

Lewis said, while the students can not use power tools, they provide him with detailed work orders as to the work they want done.

The kits for the instruments, the other two which were donated to the school, come with instructions, and while the students are following those, they still have to explain all of their work. The dulcimer and ukulele are mahogany and the violin is made of a beautiful curly maple.

Lewis explained that the final project will be the instrument as well an illustrated instruction manual which details all of the work the students undertook to build the instrument. That means the students have to take alot of pictures and then enhance their computer skills through this process.

When the instruments are completed, Lewis said that they will donated and dedicated to the school. The goal is to have them completed by Christmas break.

The project “is something that a lot of people often (don’t) get to do,” he added.