Dear editor,

As this newspaper reported, “City Chooses WCCBI” Lets analyze the decision making process. Do you think city council members made a well informed choice based on a thorough review of the facts, OR do you think city council simply voted a good old fashioned good ole boys vote?

If you think city council made an informed choice, you got the wrong city. If you think city council voted for the good ole boys, like mindlessly following one another off a cliff, you are in Warren.

I have to give the WCCBI & COT credit. They are indeed a formidable public relations team and can write, document and defend like no one else. But that is exactly were the credit ends.

In lieu of a plan to move Warren and Warren County forward, the WCCBI & COT have taken to Bar-B-Quing all over the county, and come to find out, they aren’t even good at that, churning out one mediocre event after another.

Let’s be honest. No matter the shortcomings of WCVB, they pale in comparison to the long list of shortcomings within the WCCBI & COT.

If someone asked, “Dan, based on your 40+ years of business, management, revitalization and government experiences, what one change would you make for Warren County?” The answer is easy a top to bottom reconfiguration of the WCCBI & COT, including boards.

The WCCBI & COT represent exactly all that is wrong in Warren and how it is we continuously defeat ourselves and rob our future potential. When we stop using critically important positions as parking spaces for the well connected, and bring experienced professionals to the table, we will then have a positive and bright future.

Let’s hope our other municipalities don’t blindly follow Warren’s city council off the cliff.

Thank you,

Dan Ristau