November activities highlight end-of-life care

The Warren County Commissioners on Wednesday proclaimed November as Grief Awareness Month, coinciding with National Hospice and Palliative Care Month. The proclamation reads :”Because grieving is a natural and normal response to death and other losses, all persons are urged to be sensitive and supportive of families, neighbors, friends and colleagues who are adjusting to significant loss in their lives.

“A time set aside for grief will heighten our awareness of our human mortality and address our common need for mourning and healing and will promote spiritual, mental, physical and emotional health.”

Hospice of Warren County is encouraging businesses, schools, faith communities, healthcare organizations, civic groups and neighborhoods to join in observing Grief Awareness in recognition of everyone’s right to grieve in the face of death and loss.

The purpose of this observance is to help the community realize that grief is not an event but a process. This process is different for every individual.

To mark these events there will be a Memorial Service on Sunday, Nov. 3, at 3 p.m. at Grace United Methodist Church. Also, the Annual Hospice of Warren County meeting will take place on Nov. 14 at 7 p.m. in the Cancer Care Center Lobby. The topic for this event is ” Understanding Palliative Care”. Presenters are Dr. Keith Price, medical director of Hospice, Lisa To, executive director of Hospice, and Dr. Valeriy Sedov, medical oncologist at Warren General Hospital. Banners will be on display at several locations throughout the county.

Bereavement services are a major program of Hospice. The bereavement services have recently expanded to more elementary schools in Warren County because of a greater need. This service is provided by the group’s team of trained counselors and is a free program offered by Hospice of Warren County. Participation in a Hospice program is not a requirement to receive this service.

During the week of Nov. 4-8, hospice information will be on display in the Warren Public Library front window, and, on Nov. 8, a volunteer will man a table at the library with hospice hand-outs. She also will be available to answer questions.