Dear editor,

Americans recently celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech and it’s a disgrace that some used the occasion to promote race-baiting.

Oprah Winfrey and Reverend Al Sharpton have both opined that the deaths of Emmit Till (1955) and Trayvon Martin were the same thing.

The should be ashamed. Till was a 14 year old black who allegedly whistled at a married white woman. A few hours later, he was sadistically murdered by racist white men who threw his body into a river. Martin was pounding George Zimmerman into the pavement when Zimmerman shot him. There’s no evidence of Racism on Zimmerman’s part. Martin, however, referred to Zimmerman as a “cracker” on his cell phone.

Of course, the “groundwork” to encourage t his distortion had been laid for months.

The media showed photos of Martin as an early teen, years before the shooting. The media coined the term “white hispanic” for Zimmerman and had these men both been black, or white, the story would have stayed in Florida.

An NBC employee doctored the ‘911’ recording. In reality, Zimmerman never mentioned Martin’s race until the operator asked.

President Obama declared, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” So it’s no wonder if Winfrey and Sharpton felt cleared to distort.

In 2012, an unarmed white couple was assaulted by a black gang in Virginia Beach. This was racially motivated.

Mr. President, if you had a son would he look like one of the assailants? The media chose th ignore this one.

After Zimmerman was acquitted, Stevie Wonder vowed to never again perform in a state with “stand your ground” laws. Would Stevie have made the same vow had the races been reversed? I don’t know. Numerous internet sources show that law-abiding black Floridians have justifiably relied on the “stand your ground” law.

It boils down to a few ideals that can be hard to reach.

Racially inspired violence is wrong, no matter who starts it. Deliberate distortion to label others as racist, with no evidence, is also wrong.

Though we need not have a national love fest, we Americans need to treat each other civilly regardless of gender, race, ancestry or (non-violent) faith. Creating enemies within our borders is counter-productive. There are plenty of brain-washed murderers and “would-be” murderers in other lands who happily export terrorism. Let’s unite and stop them.


Terry D. Hallock