Eisenhower will stay in District 10

The issue of Eisenhower Middle High School moving from District 10 to District 9 has been laid to rest.

At last week’s school board meeting, board member Tom Knapp asked for clarity on the reasons administration is not supporting the move at this time. “A lot of people are asking, why, why, why,” he said.

Superintendent Dr. William Clark said that a meeting was held at central office with Phil Knapp, supervisor of district-wide athletics, and Kelly Martin, principal at Eisenhower, presenting. As a result of the discussion, “we felt we’d bring it before the board not to move forward at this time.”

Martin said that District 10 is looking to realign, “but they are going to look at realigning similar size schools. They are having those discussions. At this time, (we are) giving D10 an opportunity to realign and meet our needs first.”

Phil Knapp added that he is on the realignment committee in District 10 and his presence “gets our voice out there.”

“This was not something that was done in haste,” he added.

“If D10 says they are going to realign, we can put stock in that,” board member Jack Werner said. Werner explained that when the Tri-County Athletic Conference (TCAC) fell apart (several years ago), D10 “made room for us. (I) think we should give them opportunity to help us again.”

The vote to support the administration’s recommendation to remain in District 10 was unanimous by the full board.