Family Services: For the entire family

The United Fund of Warren County recently kicked off its Torchlight Campaign for 2013, and the Times Observer will support the efffort by publishing stories about each member agency. Today we take a look at Family Services of Warren County, Crescent Park Dental Clinic and the Ruth M. Smith Center.

Family Services: here for you and your family!

Family Services of Warren County Inc., a United Fund agency, makes a difference for 150 people each and every week: young kids, adolescents, adults, seniors, couples, families, and groups! Licensed professional therapists with advanced degrees assist people in recovering from issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, grief, relationship dysfunction, and addiction. The result is health and wholeness. The agency will celebrate its 125th anniversary next year.

The Early Years

The year was 1889. Benjamin Harrison succeeded Grover Cleveland as President of the United States. Parisians flocked to the opening of the Eiffel Tower. The first issue of the Wall Street Journal rolled off the press. In our little corner of the world, Family Services began its important work.

On April 18 of that year, Mrs. I.G. Lacy of Warren, Pennsylvania hosted a group of ladies interested in the “welfare of destitute children”. The resulting Children’s Aid Society provided orphaned children with shelter, foster care, and adoption placement. By the early 1930s, over 1000 children had come under some agency care in some way or another.


The name of the agency was changed to Family Services and the Children’s Aid Society in 1951 to reflect a growing emphasis upon healthy family interaction as an essential component to children’s wellbeing. As foster care, adoptions, and child welfare services were assumed by state and county governments over the years, the organization transitioned to assisting families through well-baby clinics, school social work, and counseling.

The Present

Today the agency is known as Family Services of Warren County, Inc. Its mission is to “foster a healthy community by providing the highest quality behavioral health services for all.” It provides comprehensive and professional counseling, substance abuse services, and support groups.

Counseling: Professional counselors with advanced degrees provide therapy tailored to the individual needs of each person or family. Counseling is professional and confidential.

Substance abuse services: Family Services is a drug and alcohol treatment center licensed by the State of Pennsylvania. It provides outpatient therapy and Intensive Outpatient Treatment to people suffering from addiction to alcohol, drugs, and even gambling.

Support groups: Moral support, education, and advice are shared in groups about sobriety, anger management and healthy relationships.

Different yet the same

A lot sure has changed since that day in Mrs. Lacy’s parlor. What was once a charity that looked after destitute children transitioned over the decades into the agency we know today that helps people of all ages. ?A more recent transition was welcoming Michelle Williams as its new executive director at the end of August. Ms. Williams has an extensive background in social work, addiction treatment, and mental health. One thing hasn’t changed and never will: the organization is still just as committed to promoting healthy families as ever!

Family Services remains grateful for everyone who has supported its charitable work down through the decades. It has changed families and our community for the better. It hopes that you will support its aid into the future through a contribution to the United Fund Torchlight campaign.

Family Services of Warren County Inc. is located at 589 Hospital Drive Suite E on the Warren State Hospital grounds. Phone: 723-1330.