SG Boro

Dear editor:

I have a couple of problems with the article from October 14, 2013 “SG Boro worried about VFD”.

First off, it is a problem everywhere, not just in Sugar Grove and not just the state of PA. The funds are down, the volunteers are down. In this economy people don’t have the extra money to just give away. Many are living paycheck to paycheck and just getting by.

With kids, work, sometimes a second job they also don’t have the time. The Boro is so worried about the fire department being closed down for one reason or another, yet none of them are an active member. They can sit in the office and say all of these things yet are not really helping at all.

Sitting there and saying “There is no one answering the calls” doesn’t help anything. Take time out of your lives (like the other “15”) and help out – drive a truck or the ambulance if nothing else. Come down on drill night or meeting night and talk to the people in the department to work on a solution. An annual meeting is mentioned and that the department has “absolutely refused to do that”. Have they even spoken to anyone person to person or even on the phone or has it just been unreturned calls?

The chief of SGVFD is my husband, so I am a little attached the department and I do have a clue as to what goes on (these are my words not his). I sit at home with the kids while he is out on a call, hoping, praying that he comes home unhurt and alive.

I know all of the members down there. They are all out there risking their lives to help make things better for this community. Until you are the one sitting at home worrying, listen to your children worry and miss their father/mother because they are not with us I really don’t think you have any right to complain and not do a thing about it.

I am not a member, but I am there every chance I get helping with fundraisers or anything that needs to get done after the call and I will defend every single person who decides to take time away from their family to help protect the community in which they live.

Amanda Darr

Sugar Grove