Our opinion:?Stepping up

When it comes to stepping up, the people of Warren County might be said to be taking the steps two or three at a time.

Seldom can it be said that an appeal for support for a worthy project goes unheaded, from the United Fund to the Christmas decorations on light poles.

With this tradition in mind, a letter to the editor complaining about the sad appearance of the banners at Warren’s Heritage Point, and the disappearance of the Betsy Ross version of the American Flag, was received, but we chose to delay its publication until we could determine the reasons for the problem, consulting with the letter writer, who agreed with our plan.

Often, when traditions continue for decades, the origins and mechanics of those traditions are forgotten. Many people believed that the flags – the aforementioned Betsy Ross Flag, the French Royalist (fleur de lis) flag, the Seneca Nation of Indians Flag, and the British Union – were supplied and maintained by local government.

They are not. Rather they are provided and maintained by a confederation of local service organizations, which must contend with periodic replacements due to the deleterious hand of Mother Nature. The flags, three of which haven’t been the national banners of their respective nations for more than two centuries, don’t come cheap, especially in the size required for their place at Heritage Point.

It didn’t take long for the public to respond after we published a story about their plight. Within a couple weeks there were sufficient donations to begin the process of replacing the tattered banners. That has begun with new examples of Betsy’s work and the royal blue field and golden fleur-de-lis of the French Royalist Flag. The Seneca Flag didn’t need replaced.

We look forward to a new Union Flag, with its layered crosses of St. Patrick, St. George and St. Andrew, to round out the foursome.

It’s just another example of how the Warren area steps up.