Ike library coping with construction

Construction at schools during the school year can bring some unique challenges.

At Eisenhower, one of the issues has been the lack of a fully functioning library.

“We did sit down in that room (and) looked at a lot of different things,” Superintendent Dr. William Clark said at Monday night’s school board meeting. “We don’t have books on the shelves and kids in the library. We need to get the library up and running.”

Director of Buildings and Grounds Dr. Norbert Kennerknecht said he has met with the librarian at Eisenhower on several occasions and “ha(s) moved several (book) cases for a student work area. That’s been completed. The program now is to get the books on the shelves.”

One of the concerns has been the fact that the computers in the library are on the opposite end of the room from the librarian. Principal Kelly Martin acknowledges this as a concern and noted that the computers will “only be used when another teacher is there to monitor.” He said that they are “trying to increase her (the librarian’s) line of sight in the library.”

Board member Marcy Morgan, who originally raised the issue after having toured the facility, said that “looking through there I had real concerns about her ability to keep an eye on the kids.”

Board member Tom Knapp jokingly asked if anyone considered getting the librarian a life guard chair to be able to monitor students.

Kennerknecht said that the computers cannot be moved to ease the supervision concern. “(The) infrastructure for 30 computers (is) already in place for that location.” He said that the district is “looking at an $18,000 change as it is to get that area to where it is workable” and moving that infrastructure would cause costs to continue to rise.

He advocated for “giving it a six-month try as it is.”

“She’s (librarian) saying a week we’ll be up and running,” Martin said.