Chapman Dam due for some work

A major renovation of the dam at Chapman State Park is in the planning stages.

According to Christina Novak, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources press secretary, “The rehabilitation of the dam at Chapman State Park will be funded through the capital budget to bring the dam into compliance with DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) regulations.”

While Novak said that the design phase is only approximately 65 percent complete, she acknowledged that “it will be necessary to draw down the lake for the project.”

A timeframe for the work is unclear but “no work is expected before 2015,” said Novak.

Once the design process is complete, a period of competitive bidding would take place before a contract could be awarded for the project.

The project will “include overtopping protection for the downstream dam embankment, rehab of the control tower, improvements to the spillway and dredging portions of the lake,” she added.

A local park official declined to comment regarding the proposed project.

The park originally opened in 1951. According to the Chapman State Park website, the first land for the park was acquired in 1949 and a dam was constructed near an old earthen dam of the Bucher Mill Log Pond, which dates back to Bucher’s Mill, which was built about 1849.