County opens bids for Faith Inn improvements

The Warren County Commissioners opened bids for improvement work at the Faith Inn on Monday morning during a work session.

The overall work is comprised of seven minor projects put to bid together. Contractors were invited to bid on individual items or on the entire project.

The project will include maintenance or installation including, painting of the fire escape, wall repairs in two apartments, kitchen range vents in six apartments, replacement of carpet with vinyl tile in 14 locations, new kitchen cabinets and counters in one apartment, lower level soffit and lights and painting and door repair at the entryway and downspout work for the transitional housing facility for the homeless.

Colby Phillips submitted a bid of $36,455 for all work, while Innovative Construction and Mech (ICM) entered a bid of $35,480.

After bids were opened, County Grant Administrator Lorri Dunlap pointed out the component work could be awarded separately, despite all bids being for the entire project. She cited concerns about a deadline for completion of work on the project of Nov. 30 as a possible reason to award work piecemeal.

The commissioners expressed a preference for awarding contracts whole when possible.

Dunlap will review the bids for completion and the project will likely be awarded at the commissioners’ meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 23.

The commissioners also noted they are beginning the yearly budget process and union negotiations this week.