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Majority rule

Dear editor:

I do not hold to the view that the majority should rule as M.C. does.

Like most who hold to the republican form of government, I believe in a representative form of government, where all are represented by the most educated and the wise people in the nation. The majority rule to me is mob rule.

George Washington the people wanted to make king, and Washington refused to run another time because he believed in a representative type of government, where they had some representation in government. This is what I believe in, even a minority has a foot in the door in representative type of government Washington had hoped for.

Dense power grabbing people never understand representation of all the people. We are a diverse nation of all kinds of people. Having explained all that explained to me in fourth grade 67 years ago in social studies, let me now say we did not put tea party people in Congress to be potted plants; we sent them because the United States for 50 years of nominal Republican and Democratic people has been taken to the cleaners on trade, debt and everything else for 50 years of liberal and union rule, and sent to fix the debt.

They are not sent to be potted plants, and Mr. Wilcox and the liberal mob are mad because the tea party, whatever they are doing, just what ordinary voting people sent them to do, clean up the liberal mess.

Good Day

Shannon J Hannah Sr.



Dear editor,

I would like to comment about today’s headline: “Obama will talk, but won’t budge.” The headline is deceptive and ignores the critical issues of the most recent of many squabbles going on in Washington.

Our country is in a full blown fiscal crisis manufactured by the Tea party wing of the Republican Party. The Senate passed a budget at sequestration levels of funding months ago and sent it to the House. The House has passed budgets that defund the Affordable Care Act, a law that passed both houses of Congress, was signed by the president, and which passed the scrutiny of the Supreme Court. By the way, this law could enable millions of Americans denied Health Care Insurance in the past years an opportunity to purchase insurance. The normal process is for both houses to appoint a conference committee to try to resolve legislative and policy differences in bills. Republican Party leadership, at the behest of the extreme right wing Tea Party faction has refused to do this for months. If there is no budget passed, government shuts down, hence our current crisis.

Suddenly as our government shut down, the Republican controlled House decided to appoint members to such a conference committee. What we need is for our elected leaders to do their job and pass a budget, not to schedule photo ops.

The current Republican Party “game” is to hold our government and people hostage while trying to make it look like it is the President’s fault. All of this for one purpose, to find a way to derail the Affordable Care Act. They say “it is my way or the highway”. When will this end? Senator Toomey sent me an e-mail admitting this is their agenda.

The next manufactured and suicidal fiscal crisis occurs somewhere around October 17, when we reach the debt limit. If Congress fails to pass an increase in the debt limit, economists are forecasting dire, catastrophic consequences, not just Wall Street, but also for Main Street.

If you do call Rep. Glenn Thompson’s office to register your concern, don’t expect any cogent responses. When I called and spoke to a staffer on Oct. 1, he told me he had no idea what Rep. Thompson’s position on the ACA is. In fact, he didn’t seem to know any of the Congressman’s policy stands. I was also told that Rep. Thompson does not hold public meetings to talk to his constituents.

Please educate yourselves regarding what is going on and learn why we are being brought to the brink. Do you really want government to be by the minority blocking any action until they get their way?


Elaine M. Wiehagen