A&B Heating and Sheet Metal marks 60 years in business

It’s been 60 years of steady work and growth.

A&B Heating & Sheet Metal Co. was founded by Carl Papalia in 1953, a few years after returning home from serving his country in the South Pacific.

Carl was joined by two of his brothers a short time later Ralph, as part-owner and Joe as head serviceman.

In the early stages, A&B provided heating, plumbing, sheet metal, roofing, spouting and air conditioning services. While they have since moved off the roof to focus on indoor comfort, A&B continues to serve the Warren County area under second generation guidance.

Dave Papalia, the current owner of A&B, said, “We are proud to be celebrating 60 years. The years have written a wonderful story about A&B but it is our loyal customers whom we are thankful for every day.”

He noted how times have changed, saying, “Many times in the early years my Dad would bring home a loaf of homemade bread or a bushel of apples as payment for a late night service call. There were times when we housed customers at our home because they had no heat for the night.

“We would have to go early to Midnight Mass to make sure the church was warm. Now? You can control your thermostat from your cell phone.”

Papalia spoke of some interesting projects the company has been involved in.

“We built and sealed the time capsule that’s buried in the court house foundation. Not to be opened until 2076. And since we were the last ones to see it, we loaded some interesting last minute items in there.

“We have, more times than we care to remember, sealed urns full of ashes.

“Our sheet metal shop built the scales once held by Lady Justice atop the court house. And we have had to dismantle ductwork to retrieve cats and other precious creatures including, yes, toddlers.”

He added that his nine employees currently provide residential and businesses with quality service in Warren, Forest, McKean, Erie and Chautauqua counties. About 80 percent of the business is residential.

“Our goal is to continue to provide quality service and workmanship, and continue to strive to be the premier and most-trusted heating, cooling and plumbing contractor in the area,” he concluded.