Dear editor,

By the time my diatribe makes newsprint, this event will have likely ended. However, I would like to add my “Two cents worth” of observations to this ridiculous drama. I’m sure most of the general public is now tired of listening to the various politicians explanation for the shutdown, and all the many wonderful media “Talking heads”. If you take the politicians and talking heads seriously; they would have you believe this on-going crisis is all related to the Republican’s concerns regarding “Obamacare” (The Affordable Health Care Act).

After watching the GOP spin-misters beat their “Dead Drums of Doom” on the Health Care Act the last six years; I’ve come to the conclusion the GOP has no regard for public they claim they care about.

Let me restate a few non-disputable facts to support my observations. Following the disastrous 2008 election, the Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell only stated objective was to make sure Obama would be a one-term president. In that vein, both he and his fellow Senate and Congressional colleagues spared no efforts in disparaging the new health law and obstructing Obama at every turn. Their efforts were rewarded with control of the House in 2010. We then were treated to another two years of GOP obstruction tactics on all fronts. By 2012 the GOP was fairly confident the American public had drunk enough of the GOP Kool-aid, that the presidency would now be their prize.

Whoops! After the polls closed in 2012, the GOP lost two seats in the House and one Senate seat; and worst of all, lost the Big Prize by over 5 million votes. Does this ultimate poll not count for anything?

The Republican’s pathetic vindictive retaliation against all those who supported Obama, was not confined to our Federal representatives, either. Republican controlled state legislatures and governors in PA, Ohio, NC, Fla. and Texas and a few other GOP states, have all recently passed restrictive voter ID laws constructed to solely discourage the turn out of the old, the poor, and the minorities, all constituents of the demon Democrats. This new strategy of the GOP appears to be: If you can’t win by the current system, let’s just tweak the rules a bit. It is my hope the “Party of No” will eventually get what they have reaped.

I truly wish my observations were about a third world nation and not about our own democracy. Clearly our friends in the GOP have lost their way in the wilderness of our democracy, and are now in need of a good GPS to get back on the trail again.

Yours truly,

“A 47%er”

Craig Tidrick