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GT’s vote

Dear editor:

“I’m going to hold my breath until I turn blue.” How much better would the country be if this was the threat made by our local Congressman, Glen, GT, Thompson, rather than the position he has taken on raising the debt limit or passing a budget? GT thinks that allowing a vocal minority of the Congress and Senate to blackmail the rest of the government in repealing existing law is fair to the concept of majority rule, regardless of the consequences.

The consequences of GT’s positions include 800,000 federal workers furloughed with pay and $300 million per day losses to the economy with additional losses to private business due to uncertainty and lost contracts. Head start and WIC programs have already been cancelled. Many health research programs, national security measures, infrastructure improvements environmental enforcement, and food safety inspections have also been reduced or cancelled.

After October 17, Social Security checks will not go out and Medicare reimbursements will be unfunded. Existing bills, already authorized by Congress will not be paid. Interest on US Treasury Bills won’t be paid. Just as when private individuals renege on their credit cards, the credit score of the United States will be lowered and Treasury Bill interest rates will increase.

GT says that he doesn’t like the Affordable Care Act and that justifies his position. Instead he wants to allow unlimited amounts of CEO compensation by insurance companies and unlimited returns to their stockholders. He wants to allow healthy people to avoid insurance, but mandates that their occasional emergency room visits will be paid for by taxpayers and those of us who have insurance. This can only return the rate of health insurance premium increases to double digits, instead of the recent reduction to under 5 percent. The Congressional Budget Office says that GT’s position on the Affordable Care Act will actually increase the national deficit.

Please call Congressman Thompson and urge him to reconsider his opposition to majority rule and paying our bills.

Michael P. Wilcox