Pleasant adds guard to board meetings

When a disgruntled resident who had recently lost a dispute regarding his property went into the Ross Township, Pa. supervisors meeting in August and opened fire, killing three and wounding two, people took notice.

That includes the Pleasant Township supervisors.

“We decided that for (Secretary/Treasurer) Lea Ann’s (Adams) security, our security, we should have a constable or somebody here,” Township Supervisor Ron Hultman said during the Tuesday meeting of the supervisors. “If someone comes in with a gun, we’re going to have (law enforcement.) It scares me. We’re going to have a constable here every meeting.”

Township Chairman Arden Knapp said that the state Constitution does not allow the supervisors to ban firearms at township meetings.

While the supervisors cannot restrict firearms, Hultman noted residents can not take firearms into the courthouse or jail.

“Rather than us carry, we figure we’d have the constable at every meeting,” Supervisor John Phillips added.

Pennsylvania State Constable Donald Saporito, in attendance on Tuesday, said that “we do provide security, but this is kind of new.”

Hultman explained that he believes a constable can be a deterrent in limiting potentially dangerous situations.