End Of The Line

For sale: 40’x80′ steel building.

John Deere 235 lawn tractor.

Steel drums.


Six bags of fertilizer and numerous other items at the site of the former Grunderville Landfill in Warren are up for public auction to the highest bidder so the Warren County Solid Waste Authority can leave the site.

“We’re getting rid of the equipment and so on up there so the forestry can have the property back later,” Robert Carlson, authority chairman, said on Wednesday. “We’re just trying to close it up to so we can pull off site.”

“Grunderville Landfill was operated August 1976 through September 1991 by the Warren County Solid Waste Authority. It closed because it failed to meet the new, more stringent regulations approved by DEP,” said Gary Clark, community relations coordinator for the state Department of Environmental Protection. “The plan required them to restore the site to certain standards, which they have completed.”

The Solid Waste Authority, which received $24.91 per ton from haulers who picked up trash in the county and took it to a landfill outside of the county, had to develop a 25-year post-closure plan financed from the haulers fee.

That went on until 2006 when a lawsuit filed by the International Haulers Association stopped the surcharge. The authority still is left monitoring and maintaining the landfill and submitting reports to the DEP.

The authority is still mowing and monitoring two water wells once a year, said Carlson.

“It is currently in what we call “Post Closure” status. There are no set time periods or mandated length of time to dictate how long the facility must remain in post closure before demonstration for “Final Closure” can be submitted to the department,” said Clark.

“We’re doing this to cut expenses, because we have no income anymore,” Carlson said. “The utilities on the building will be done, we won’t have to worry about that.”

Carlson said he believes monitoring at the site will continue until 2020.

“The mowing and the sampling of the wells, that’s all we’re doing up there,” he said. “Once a year for sampling and twice a year for mowing.”

The authority will hold a public auction at 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 12, and sell all remaining assets to the highest bidder.