Pa. House leader visits with local businesses

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives Majority Leader Mike Turzai of Wexford visited the Ellwood Group manufacturing facilities in Irvine on Tuesday.

Five other representatives, including Rep. Kathy Rapp, R-65, Rep. Martin Causer, R-67, and Sen. Scott Hutchinson, R-21, accompanied Turzai on the two-hour tour.

Turzai said that the House has been focusing on jobs since 2011, when the Republicans gained the majority of seats. “We want to see what employers who are making good products and services for (the) world, what do they need from government to do to make a better environment for employers to thrive,” he continued.

“Kathy, Representative Rapp, wanted our members to see the Forge. Ellwood Group employs some 600 people, and how successful it has been in the types of products that they send throughout the world,” he said. “What should we focus on to make (them) more competitive?”

Turzai added that later in the day the group was going to meet with local gas and oil producers.

Rapp said there has been a lot of concerns with the small oil producers and the impact regulations are having on them.

Turzai concluded finding the best way to proceed was to “talk to people on the front lines. The economy isn’t in Harrisburg… it’s in real places like Warren, where people are actually making goods and producing energy. It’s exciting.”