Replacement of servers OK’d for schools

Technology hasn’t been high on the budget priority list in the Warren County School District over the last few years.

But the time has come where it isn’t really becoming a choice anymore.

The school board’s Finance Committee approved a server replacement purchase of $17,664.50 that the district had already purchased prior to the meeting.

According to an executive summary prepared for the Monday meeting, “when we implemented our last major upgrade, we were asked to cut some funding out of the project. We did so and as a result, we re-purposed some existing servers. These servers are stationed in each building to facilitate the streaming of computer operating systems to our teachers and students.”

However, those servers started to fail over the summer.

“We foresaw those failures and had extra drives and server hardware to serve as replacements,” the summary noted. “Unfortunately, we have used up our stock of replacements on maintenance equipment, and have run through all three of our spare servers during the week of September 16th.

“Failure of these particular servers in our buildings is a major concern, resulting in computers either not starting up, the start up process taking several minutes, and/or frequent freeze ups… Ordering by the 26th of September allowed us to lock in these prices. We had these overnight, so that we can start the replacement in late September or early October rather than waiting until after the board meeting in October. Doing so saved a few weeks of heartache and stress on our teachers and students.”

“The servers are already in,” said Brian Collopy, the district’s coordinator of technology/information management. He said that the new servers have already been installed at Warren Area Elementary Center, Russell Elementary School, Warren Area High School and Youngsville High School with the remaining servers to be installed in the other district buildings by Wednesday.

The funding came from the technology capital reserve account.

Collopy said that the superintendent approved the original request and that the district is “seeing some good speeds because the servers aren’t so shaky.”