Paving Project

The tennis and basketball courts are the latest upgrades to Beaty Park.

Improvements to the playground, restrooms and parking area came first in 2008.

The skate park was put into action in June 2010.

The courts are the last pieces of the puzzle.

“The tennis courts were installed in the late 1970s,” Public Works Director Mike Holtz said on Thursday. “Over the years, the tennis courts had deteriorated. When these are all done we’ll see a much greater use of the courts.”

The basketball courts, despite cracks throughout the surface, was used regularly until the renovation started. “The basketball court is very well used,” Holtz said.

The new court will be regulation size; the old court was neither as long nor wide as a regulation court.

Workers from Kingsview Paving of Lakewood, N.Y., put down an asphalt base coat, or binder coat, Thursday. The top coat will go on in the spring. The three tennis courts will receive a final “tennis court coat.”

All together, the courts represent about four inches of paving – two-and-a-half of base and one-and-a-half of finish.

The fence surrounding the tennis courts will return and the hoop ends of the basketball court will have new fencing.

Holtz said the job includes cleaning up overhead wiring and installing a new coin box at the basketball court.

The $180,000 project was funded through a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, contributions from the Community Foundation and the DeFrees Family Memorial Fund, as well as dollars from the city’s general fund.

The skate park remains open for use during construction.

“It’ll be a nice product when it’s finished,” Holtz said.