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Dear editor,

In response to your opinion, “Thompson then and now”, WOW, where do I begin! First of all, Rep. Glenn Thompson can change his mind whether it is or not in line with the liberal base.

The Affordable Care Act is another issue that eventually will take care of itself with its own demise. But to say that if someone disagrees with the ACA or more importantly the continue waste of big government spending and that they don’t have a right to voice their opinions through vote or no vote is their right. I do not appreciate the use of vocabulary like “herd” or “lemmings” in talking about people who do not agree with your liberal friends and is in bad taste.

I like your idea about “gutting the EPA” which brings me to non-essential services. Seems at this point that some consideration should be made to not rehiring some of those non-essential workers presently laid off.

The scare tactics of the left are getting really old and our country would not or should not try to scare people with such tactics, the “sky is not falling”. The “minority” of congressional members seem to be holding their own right now and the left with Sen. Reid need to sit down and do something about federal waste now and not wait for the future. The “shutdown” looks like nothing more than a “slowdown” of non-essential services but liberals persist to blame conservative members of Congress for trying to rein in big government spending which by the way is their constitutional right.

Time to negotiate the big government spending and let the ACA take care of itself.

Richard Kolcharno