Board gets three options for rank

The problem of class rank and honors has been vexing to the Warren County School District for years.

Potential resolution has been provided to the issue again as the school board’s Curriculum, Instruction and Technology Committee forwarded a draft policy to the full board for consideration.

The new policy would start with this year’s freshman class, the class of 2017.

“We’ve looked at a lot of different scenarios,” Gary Weber, director of curriculum, instruction and assessment, said during the Monday meeting.

Three versions of the policy were offered by the administration.

Version A would only award weight to honors, AP and dual enrollment courses. In this model, only courses taught by WCSD instructors would receive weight.

Version B would award weight to honors and AP classses with a district final exam to determine weight. No dual enrollment courses would receive any weight.

Version C would offer weight to honors, AP and dual enrollment. This option afforded weight to all dual enrollment credits, not just those taught by WCSD instructors.

Weber explained some changes that would be common to all three versions. Students will be required to be full-time students in the district during their junior and senior year, a switch from just the senior year. Physical education will also now be calculated into class rank.

The way the weight is distributed will also change. Weber said that the district will be “looking at weight based on the grade that you will receive. In the past, you would receive the straight 10 on the weight” whether you received an A or a D in the course. That weight will now be apportioned, according to Weber, based on a student’s final grade.

While he said that the decision on versions was up to the board, Weber emphasized, “I would like to see it fair for students. Period.”

“The other thing we need to be aware of, (this) would only impact current freshman,” Superintendent Dr. William Clark said. “After having many discussions with Gary (Weber), (we are) recommending option C to the board. That would be the one we felt hit the mark… about being fair to our students.”

Option C was then approved by the committee and will likely go before the board for approval in October.