Beaty construction won’t be done by projected date

Construction continues at Beaty-Warren Middle School, but, according to Warren County School District officials, will not be completed by the anticipated date.

Dr. Norbert Kennerknecht, district director of buildings and grounds, informed the Physical Plant and Facilities on Monday night the Dec. 31 date will likely not be met.

He said a project meeting was held last Thursday and “part of that discussion… was the completion date.”

“The contractors are telling me that’s an impossibility to make that date,” he said. “It’s an issue that we have to work out contractually.” Kennerknecht said they must determine whether the contractors intend to ask for an extension.

Some other issues are influencing this process as well. “There are a number of claims being filed by one contractor against another” claiming they are holding up their work, he explained. “We’re in the midst of that,” he noted, acknowledging that there are two sides to every story.

As work is completed, Kennerknecht said the district will “not (be) looking at a complete move but we will probably be moving in phases.”

“(We’ll) capture space to operate for (students and faculty) to function in a better fashion,” he added, collecting space “one to two rooms at a time.”

The project is being funded by $16.2 million in Qualified Zone Academy Bond funds and was approved by the board in September 2011. QZAB bonds are low-to-no interest federal bonds that can only be utilized for renovation of existing school buildings.