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Dear editor:

I would like to talk about chickens.

Do I want to keep, raise and tend to chickens? No I do not. Do I think they are dirty, smelly animals? No I do not. I live in Pleasant Township and have neighbors who have chickens. Do they bother me? No. Have they caused an issue, disturbance or public health issue? No. Have they made a scene? No. I didn’t even know how many people had chickens until it became an issue. So what have they done?

Well, let’s see. They are a source of food. They are a source of entertainment and education for all of the children in a three (at least) block radius.

The owners of these chickens do not only allow but encourage the kids to empty the nests and teach the kids how to feed and tend to the chickens, it was an educational experience for me. Did we eat the eggs? Absolutely.

I haven’t bought store eggs since. The chickens are not a nuisance and actually, those chickens stay on the property; that’s better than most of the dogs in the neighborhood. Maybe the township should be considering addressing some real issues that affect the residents of this beautiful township such as drainage (my yard is sinking and the road drains don’t drain) instead of some chickens and all the problems that they are NOT causing.

Is the decision either way to keep or get rid of the chickens going to affect me? Not really. Do I want to see them go? Not really.

I do know that the experience that these kids get out of it from hands on learning is invaluable. I feel the supervisors should spend their energy on the real issues that carry substance instead of some chickens that supply sustenance. Just a thought.

Stephanie Grady