Philomel Club opens musical program year Wednesday

The Philomel Club of Warren held a board meeting at the home of president Rosalind Hupp on Sept. 17. Chairpersons discussed upcoming programs and scholarships being offered to Warren County students pursuing music education.

The Philomel organization begin more than 100 years ago with a group of women who went to one another’s homes to perform on the piano. The programs of today’s Philomel have been expanded to include vocal, strings and other instruments in performance. Meeting three months of the year, excluding the summer months, the Philomel Club has both performing and non-performing members, and its members always welcome new members.

Anyone interested in joining can call membership chairperson Robert Merenick at 726-0143. The first meeting and program will be at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 2, at the Woman’s Club of Warren on Market St.