What does the Warren County YMCA mean to the community of Warren?

This is a question that is posed often by many people. They want to know, what is it that we do? Of course everyone is aware, especially now, that we have steppers and treadmills, and that we have a pool and gym. What a lot of people are unaware about is that the YMCA of Warren County is a very giving entity to the community and citizens of Warren County. A great number of people come through our doors every day that have received scholarships for themselves or their family. There are countless service organizations that walk through our doors and use our facility to help better the life of someone who is less fortunate either through health limitations and/or intellectual challenges. This goes on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly here at the Warren County YMCA. These programs are free to those who we service but they are at a cost to the YMCA. These programs have cost such as instructors, maintenance staff and the facility care. These are daily, monthly and yearly cost. In giving to the United Fund Campaign the community shows us that they want the Y to continue these services in their community. The United Fund Campaign helps support the YMCA to be able to supply these programs for free. Through these contributions we are always reminded that in the care of others we are cared for too. Here are just a few examples of programs that are free to the community through the YMCA.

The seventh-grade initiative Every seventh grader in Warren County gets a free membership (available this year on line) Funding Provided by the YMCA

ARK program (Activity Room Kids) from 4-6 every day Monday through Friday a mentor supplies games, arts and activities to all children in Warren County. No membership needed open to the public. Funds provided through Community Foundation, UPMC, Wal-Mart, and The YMCA

LIVESTRONG 12 week fitness program for cancer survivors Funding provided by the “Friends of the Y” the LIVESTRONG FOUNDATION and the YMCA.

It is our hope and wish that the community sees the YMCA in the true fashion in which it serves our community. To be in service to your community is like putting money in your own bank. The interest is forever growing and the payback is immeasurable. For more information about the Warren County YMCA you can view a video that was produced to show people of all ages and stages and the impact the Y has had in their lives: http://youtu.be/J4F6ThYDl8M