The Chief Cornplaner Council, Boy Scouts of America, is 100 years old

The United Fund of Warren County recently kicked off its Torchlight Campaign for 2013, and the Times Observer will support the efffort by publishing stories about each individual member agency. Here are the frist three stories: Boy Scouts, YMCA and Jefferson DeFrees Center.

Since 1913 our local Scout Council has been instilling leadership, teamwork, self-confidence, a respect for the environment, and a respect for the beliefs of others in more than 50,000 young men from Warren County and Ludlow.

Some things you may not know about the Chief Cornplanter Council:

We are one of the few independent one-county Councils left in America, the third smallest council in America, and the oldest continuously running council in America.

We rank among the top Councils in America in total Cub Scout Advancements and in Merit Badges earned per Boy Scout.

We have one of the highest membership densities of any council in the country (the portion of tthe total youth population who are registered Scouts)

The way we run our summer camp program at Camp Olmsted is unique and a model being looked at by the national office of the BSA.

100 percent of our Boy Sccout Troops attend summer camp.

61 Scouts and eight adults recently returned from the National Jamboree in West Virginia. Double the number we typically send to a Jamboree.

We have one of the highest percentages of trained adult volunteer leaders in the country.

Through Eagle Scout projects and other service projects, our Sccouts contribute thousands of man hours to worthwhile projects around the county.

We receive no government funding and none of the registration fees.

Our largest sources for income are the United Fund of Warren County; our annual fall sale of popcorn, peanuts and candles; and our annual campaign known as “Friends of Scouting.”

Our sincere thanks to the Warren County community for your amazing support of Scouting!

Without funding from our local United Fund, we know that we likely couldn’t survive financially. This would mean that our Scouts would have to become members of other surrounding councils such as Erie or Du Bois – and travel to those cities to get their badges, etc..

It’s important for us to remain strong, viable and independent so that we can continue to provide a quality program locally for the youth of Warren County.

We appreciate the support we get from our local United Fund and we encourage everyone in Warren County to contribute in some way to the success of their campaign.