Y’ville begins meetings on next year’s budget

Youngsville Borough Council held the first of six special meetings focused on the 2014 budget this week.

No action could be taken as only three members of council were present but Borough Manager Lisa Hagberg provided updates on several of the borough’s accounts.

“Operating expenses are holding pretty steadily,” Hagberg said summarizing the status of the sanitation, sewer, water and liquid fuels accounts.”All the funds will end up pretty healthy in 2014.”

Hagberg said that the “water fund has a lot of projects, but we know we can’t do everything today.” While water line replacements have been necessary in recent years, she noted that “the borough has not had to pay out of the borough’s fund for the water line(s). So far, we’ve been able to cover it with grant money, which is great.” Whether that grant money will continue will not be known until mid-November.

There was also extensive discussion about paving projects in the borough for 2014.

Documentation provided at the meeting included estimates for paving 4th St. and 5th St, for $48,000, and the entirety of College St. at $100,250.

“Those are the streets getting the most complaints,” Hagberg said. “College St. is number one in getting complaints… We can’t do everything but they are getting bad.”

Council member Ron Olson said that College St. from Bates St. to Davis St. is “terrible” while noting that the other portions of the street are not in such a condition. He suggested that the borough could pave 4th and 5th as well as College St. from Bates St. to Davis St. with money budgeted for next year.

Hagberg estimated that paving College St. in that manner could cost approximately $28,250. Olson said that would reduce paving project costs next year to $70,000 to $80,000. “Those are the three worse in my opinion,” he added.

Hagberg said that completing the project in that manner would require a “save up year,” meaning that no paving would likely be undertaken in 2015.

The next of six special meetings set to examine budgetary issues is scheduled for October 8 at 6 p.m.