School District attendance still falling

Tenth-day enrollment numbers are in for the Warren County School District and, compared to last year, enrollment is down about 2 percent.

District documentation indicates 4,568 enrolled students as of Sept. 17.

Last year, the district’s official enrollment, calculated on Oct. 1, totaled 4,661.

That loss of 93 students in total represents a two percent decrease.

On Sept. 13, enrollment was 4,592 but 10 day withdrawals were expected to decrease the total number.

The only attendance area that saw an enrollment increase was the western, with 10 more students at Youngsville Elementary Middle School, 605 to 595, compared to last year and five more at Youngsville High School, 291 to 296.

In the northern attendance area, data indicated a decrease of 11, or 1.14 percent.

The eastern attendance area has experienced a 12-student decrease. While the number of students at the elementary level has been 227 both years, there are 12 fewer students at Sheffield Area Middle High School so far in 2013-2014. This represents a 2.24 percent decrease in total enrollment in the east.

The greatest drop, and also the home of nearly half of the district’s total enrollment, is in the central attendance area. Warren Area High School has 26 fewer students than last year and the attendance area as a whole is down 85, or a district-high 3.73 percent.

Building level data varied greatly from last year due to school closures and accommodations for the various construction projects throughout the district. For example, in 2011-2012, there were 558 students at Eisenhower Middle High School; but, because sixth graders were held back at Russell and Sugar Grove elementary schools, the 10-day number at Eisenhower this year is 478. Similar trends exist at Warren Area Elementary Center with the closure of South Street Early Learning Center as well as at Allegheny Valley Elementary School due to the Sheffield Elementary School closure.

It is unclear how much of the western attendance area’s increase, if not all, or what part of the central district’s decrease has been due to a shift of special needs students to Youngsville schools.