Being… Robbi Kitelinger

Robbi Kitelinger dreams big.

We’re not talking about how the Tidioute Community Charter School senior went from being a scorekeeper for her high school’s volleyball team to a three-year letterwinner as a player.

We’re talking about how she dreams of becoming an actress in a big city.

First thing’s first, Robbi works two jobs around volleyball, and basketball in the winter, and wants to finish near the top of her graduating class.

Then, the sky is the limit.

“The amazing thing about Robbi is that while she may dream big, she is very passionate about her beliefs and her goals, therefore her dreams are not unrealistic,” said her coach, Margie Manning. “With Robbi, you know that whatever goal she has set for herself, or whatever her plans are for the future, while they may change throughout her journeys, you have no doubt that she will accomplish them.”

A little “Q & A” with Robbi Kitelinger:

Q: Who are your parents and siblings and what sports do you play?

A: My parents are Ken and Kit Kitelinger and I have two older sisters, Alex and Lacy. I play volleyball and basketball.

Q: Do you consider yourself a leader, and what characteristics of yourself are you most proud of?

A: I would definitely consider myself a leader, I am outgoing and hard working.

Q: You go to a smaller school, and play for smaller sports teams. Do you find the characteristic of being an underdog, and/or being able to overcome adversity in your blood, as well as in your team? If so, give me an example.

A: I do go to a small school, and yes, I would definitely consider us an underdog team. One great thing about being an underdog team is being able to surprise the opposing team with your abilities and willingness to try harder and push farther.

Q: What sports have you played in your lifetime, and what were your favorite memories from those sports.

A: I have played basketball for as long as I can remember. I am most passionate about it.

I’ve been playing volleyball since my freshmen year when I actually started out as scorekeeper and attended games with the girls, eventually from bumping the ball around and mindlessly serving it over the net, I was talked in to joining the team.

I vaguely remember playing soccer when I was a lot younger and I honestly did enjoy that as well. I always comment on how I wish we had a soccer team, but coming from such a small school I understand we wouldn’t have the numbers for a whole team.

Q: Are you planning to go to college; what do you want to do for the rest of your life? What is your dream job?

A: My dream is to act. Acting is in my top two most favorite and passionate things to do. Being on the stage is such a rush for me and I would love to make it in the theatrical world.

Q: Do you consider yourself more a small town girl, or do you dream of the big city?

A: Having grown up in Tidioute my whole life it is in my blood to be small town, but I dream big. Big city is where I can see myself starting my life out.

Q: Who is your inspiration and why? Give me an example of how you have been inspired to accomplish something.

A: My sisters, Alex, and Lacy Kitelinger, are my biggest inspirations; they have both become such successful people, and I could not be more proud of them or more grateful for their service in our USAF.

Their success drives me to become just as successful, not necessarily to follow in their footsteps, but for them to help guide me down my own path.

Q: What are your goals for the rest of the season in volleyball, and also for the school year, athletically or otherwise?

A: To win our senior night pink-out game against Warren County Christian School. Also, I would like to lead my basketball team to a few victories as well.

Academically, I would love to get within the top two positions in my class, which requires a lot of dedication to my online pre-calculus class, as well as my AP English and AP US History.

Q: What’s your favorite song?

A: Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. It reminds me of a lot of good people and good times. It also embodies my desire to break free from this small town and make it somewhere.

Q: What’s your favorite movie?

A: Ladder 49, I’m a softy, tear jerkers are where it’s at.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: I don’t have much spare time, by choice. I have two jobs and I love having that responsibility. But if I do catch a break, a night sitting by the fire is what I enjoy doing, and probably what I’ll miss most about the small town environment.

Q: What will you miss most, be specific, about Tidioute Charter? Is it the only school you have ever attended? If not, how does the town/school compare?

A: Tidioute is where I have lived my whole life and the school I’ve always attended. I will miss my teachers and my friends most definitely. I will also miss the relaxed and safe environment it portrays. TCCS is a second home to me.

Q: Tell me one question I should have asked, but didn’t, and then answer it.

A: What is some advice you would give to underclassmen?

High school flies by, which is unfortunate for a multitude of reason: running out of time with your friends, getting ready for the real world, actual responsibilities.

But it is exciting for a multitude of reasons as well: starting somewhere new, making new friends, beginning your life and starting your own path to success. No matter what stage you are at in life, though, enjoy it. You will only live it once and any 60 seconds that you spend upset is 60 seconds you could have been smiling, and your own smile could affect someone else’s day in ways you could not imagine.

So rid yourself of all the petty problems, because one day you will come to the actualization of what really matters to you in life, who will be there for you, and what you are willing to fight for.

Life is full of battles, and it is up to you to pick which ones you are willing to shed a tear over. Keep your heads up, because there is always room for improvement, but you might not see it if you’re walking through life staring at your toes.