Dear editor,

In regards to hens in the neighborhood, they are hardly noticed. There are 6 down the road from me kept in a pretty painted hen house with lattice and hanging flower boxes. There has been no odor at any time I have taken my boys to visit, and they are very entertaining to watch! All 4 of my children have the opportunity to handle them all 6, and watch them grow from peeps. They leaned about the …egg that’s what the first eggs are called, they are smaller… then continue to get bigger. One chick layes double yolk eggs! At times the handler has let the boys take eggs right from the nest and bring them home to fry! They were so proud of that meal and we talked about the difference from store bought eggs. This is a natural food resource, just as your fruit trees and gardens are, and they to need matinance and care. In this economy people should be doing as much as they can to help themselves and eat healthy nonprocessed foods. These eggs are so much richer in taste, color and size, we prefer them over store bought.

Also, as a homeowner and tax payer I feel the township supervisors should be paying attention to their resoponsibilities. for instance, the poor job on the drainage they put in that is not only sucking in my drive way but makes mowing by the road a physical hazard with it cave ins. Come on supervisors, we elected you to improve, and maintain. When with issues of this nature,(immediate hazards)… Are being disregarded and to find you’ve been busy policing our yards instead!

There are enough real problems in the world and in our own town. Lets stop being petty, and make some positive changes in helping yourselves and others. Use you God given resources and simple common sense. When it comes down to it, all we have is ourselves….our government could care less.

Kimberlee Shine