McComas chosen for WCCBI award

The Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry (WCCBI) will once again give special recognition to an individual who has gone above and beyond in the service of their community this year.

WCCBI has announced the recipient of its 2013 Community Service Award, Murray McComas.

McComas’ selection comes on the heels of six distinct nomination letters from individuals across the community who have worked with McComas.

Besides his professional accomplishments, including a tenure as President of Blair Corp., McComas has become a fixture of the community supporting a wide-range of community-minded organizations both physically and financially.

McComas has worked with the Community Foundation of Warren County, serving a long tenure on its board; initiated and seeded the Warren Athletic Fund; with the United Fund of Warren County, at one point serving as a co-chair for the organizations Torchlight Campaign; with the St. Bonaventure Dual Enrollment Program; with the Warren County Blood Bank; the Target Tomorrow Campaign, advisory committee and special gifts committee for the Cancer Center for Warren General Hospital, with WCCBI and with the Warren County YMCA. He has also provided support for the Warren County Historical Society; the Struthers Library Theatre; the Warren Public Library; the Warren County Humane Society; the Conewango Club and the Presbyterian Church; amongst other organizations. Outside of the community, McComas’ efforts include support and representation for the University of Pennsylvania, for which the University has recognized him, and his fraternity Sigma Chi.

Nomination letters came from across the community and included letters from Robert Blair, Ellen Paquette, Mike Hostovich, Michael DelPrince, Jean and Bob Walker and John Lasher.

Blair cited his acquaintance with McComas as having lasted over 50 years and said, “I have seen first-hand the time and devotion he has given to so many community projects too numerous to mention… His love for his community is beyond question.”

“Following a long and esteemed career at the New Process Company/Blair Corporation, Murray has remained a visible and enthusiastic Warren County resident who repeatedly takes the initiative to give back to his community in innovative and thoughtful ways,” Paquette said. “He is a mentor of the most unassuming yet effective kind – he teaches by doing, and in doing so, sets a fine example.”

DelPrince called McComas’ contributions, “selfless and significant”, and said, “His heart and soul have been invested in the betterment of our community, including its youth, our greatest resource. Further to this point, Murray has inspired many of us in the community to continue his volunteer legacy in the spirit of making Warren County a better place to live and raise a family.”

The Walkers said, “Murray has left a large footprint on many areas that have positively impacted our community.”

Lasher referred Murray as having a, “stellar record of service”.

A running theme in nominations was surprise that McComas had not received the award previously. Both Hostovich and the Walkers noted the fact.

Chase Putnam took time to speak to the WCCBI as to why McComas was selected.

“Murray and I have been friends for a lifetime,” Putnam noted. “I think Murray’s influence has been felt county-wide. He has been a huge part of this community in organizations big and small. He’s a great supporter of community organizations on all levels

Amongst the candidates who were provided this year… we all felt he was the most deserving. He’s a great member of the community and I think it’s time we recognized him.”