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Dear editor,

Before making any decisions about letting people in the city keep chickens in their yards please consider what it actually entails.

Prior to moving to Warren, we lived in the country. My husband purchased chickens. At least once a week he shoveled out the droppings in the chicken coop and the chicken pen. Even so it stunk and gathered flies plus when it rained the pen smelled worse than usual. Plus, they were noisy. I wouldn’t want anyone living near me to keep chickens or any other animals (except cats and dogs).


Jeannette McDunn

Road surface

Dear editor:

I’m writing this letter as the self-appointed mayor of Robin Hill Road in Elk Township. Robin Hill Road is a busy connecting road between Frewsburg N.Y. and Warren, and the golf courses around here.

Now myself and my constituents up here are not happy with the outcome of Robin Hill Rd. this year. The preparation of the road was excellent. But it ended there. We got salt brine. Now we have slimey patches of mud. Fifty years ago when I first came here, this is what we had. Me and my constituents think the road should be shot and chipped. Only because of its heavy use.

It’s very tough keeping up these roads. I know because I myself was in it for 40 years. This is not a blame letter, because I know these Elk Township people. And they try very hard to please everyone who moans about their road. Like us. And its also about the cost. As I said before, it’s a busy road and it needs shot and chipped.

Thank you,

Carl Rozzelle