Hidden Treasures of the Wilder Museum of Warren County

A new addition to the exhibited artifacts at the Wilder Museum of Warren County History is this model of the Daniel Ruhlman Barn. After requests from the Honhart family to see the barn model, managing director Michelle Gray with the help of summer interns retrieved the model from the museum’s archives and placed it on display in the agriculture exhibit space at the museum. The miniature model of the barn was built by Ed W. Honhart of Starbrick and donated to the Warren County Historical Society by Burdette Weiler in 1966.

The original barn was built in the spring of 1894 by Will Frantz and George Lee on Yankee Bush Hill. The Yankee Bush landmark was 48×100 feet, with a nine foot basement under the entire building. The horse door was eight feet wide and the cow door was about four feet wide. The original structure’s footage was all 12×12 timber, mud sills, main sills, beams and posts, 1,032 lineal footboard measure, 8,067 feet; 10×10 timbers, 684 lineal feet, 5,700 feet; 8×8 timbers, 684, board feet, 5,684; joist or overlays, 147 pieces, board feet, 7,056; girts, 1,152 feet; floor planking, 8,556; 480 braces, 2,085 feet; rafters, 5,400 feet; roof sheeting, 6,956 feet, side sheeting and doors, 8,700 feet. Total 59,256 feet.

The Wilder Museum of Warren County History is located at 51 Erie Ave., Irvine, and maintains hours of operation on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 1 to 5 p.m. until Oct. 5. For more information, call 563-7773 or visit warrenhistory.org.