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Bridge at Remagen

Dear editor:

The 5th Annual Bridge at Remagen, 1945, which was held on August 2-3, 2013, was another great success. With over 200 re-enactors from the East Coast and Canada, our event is the talk of our hobby.

I would like to thank the “Remagen Committee” for their hard work this year to make this event come true.

There is no other World War II re-enactment like this in America. No other place can do what happens for one weekend in the Borough of Tidioute and Limestone Township. Our many businesses and private property owners are what makes this event work.

We thank you for your support year after year. To be honest, some other re-enactment events are envious of Warren County, Pa. The level of cooperation with the re-enacting community is unheard of except here in NW Pa.

As the Event Coordinator of the 99th Infantry Division Historical Society, Inc. I am proud of everyone who attends this living history re-enactment and supports us. I would like to build on this local support to expand the Remagen, Germany 1945 feeling into the community for our 2014 event.

You may not know this but Tidioute is the same size as Remagen in 1945. The bridge itself is a historic icon of pre WWII engineering. It is similar to the one that was captured by American forces on March 7, 1945. We have an idea to transform the borough into an actual German town. More period road signs could be made to help this process. Businesses also could become their German counterparts. Hotels, banks and restaurants would have signs in German, also.

This project would be an excellent idea to showcase Warren’s artist and community support groups. Also, school carpenter shops and such could help build props and signs.

This volunteering would go beyond Warren County and be shown to the country.

Even local home owners can be part of this. I bet you have a few old white bed sheets? If so, display them from a window or the porch. As American troops like the 99th Infantry Division moved into Germany, these sheets were displayed. The villagers wanted to show the GIs that the town surrendered and that German forces were no longer in control.

As for the money coming in for the weekend to the Warren area, it is a boom indeed. Every hotel and bed and breakfast is occupied. Restaurants are full and everyone needs gas.

If you are an artist or like to help for the 6th annual event, Aug. 1-2, 2014, please contact the Tidioute Borough or myself.

Patrick A. Tarasovitch

99th Inf. Div. Historical Society Inc.

9800 Mark Road, Erie, Pa. 16509