Sprucing up city

In just under an hour Barry Clark and Terry Pearson have weeded along the right side of the building, laid mulch in the flower beds and trimmed trees around the sign in front of the city building.

And that was just on Tuesday.

In the past couple of weeks the two retired volunteers have weeded flower beds on Liberty Street and put in plantings on the side walk where trees were. On Second Street where the new plantings are they pruned and cut flowers back.

Pearson gardens as a hobby, but Clark has over 25 years experience in landscaping and gardening.

“It’s a lot of work and Mike (Holtz, city director of Public Works) only has so many people,” said Pearson.

The two have been focusing on the municipal building where Pearson said the cement railing were covered over with weeds.

“You couldn’t see any of this beautiful architecture. It’s such a beautiful building, we worked to be able to see it,” said Pearson. “We’re doing it because if you see something in the community that needs addressed instead of whining and complaining you should help out. So we’re helping out and we’re having fun.”

Holtz said Clark and Pearson approached the city with their interest and said their work has been “real instrumental.”

“The city is really appreciative to Terry and Barry for doing this. It’s great,” he said.

In the spring Pearson said they’ll try and plant decorative grasses in the brick squares on Liberty Street.

“I think it would be beautiful,” he said, “it’s addictive, once you get started you can’t stop.”