No Sale

There were some prominent downtown Warren properties on the Warren County tax sale list.

Three in particular were among those that did not sell.

The Roberti Building – 225 and 227 Liberty Street – showed back taxes in the amount of $25,637.29. There were no bids at that minimum amount, so the building remains in the hands of the Warren Business District Coalition. The building shows a fair market value of $108,662 and an assessed value of half that, or $54,331.

Properties that do not sell at upset sale will end up on the judicial sale list the following year unless the owner pays off the taxes.

Joining the Roberti Building among properties that did not sell at upset sale were two properties showing different owners but a shared owner’s address.

The Geothermal Energy Systems LLC property is a strip of land that follows the north bank of the Allegheny River between Liberty and Market streets behind the Transit Authority of Warren County building.

The Liberty Street West Associates property is 301 and 303 Pennsylvania Ave. W. – the southwest corner of Liberty Street and Pennsylvania Avenue occupied on the ground floor by ErieBank.

Both properties show the same owner’s address – 5960 Susquehanna Trail, Turbotville, Pa., 17772. That is the address of Yoder Builders. Robert Yoder was the original developer of much of the Impact Warren series of projects.

The Geothermal property shows a fair market value of $184,200 – in Warren County taxes are assessed on half of that, or $92,100 – and is $33,161.30 in arrears on taxes.

The Liberty West property has a value of $399,515, an assessment of $199,758, and is behind by $71,519.01.

A message left with Yoder’s office was not returned.

Dan Ristau of Warren Business District Coalition said he would contact the board members to prepare responses to questions about the Roberti Building.