Hidden treasures at the Wilder Museum of local history

This 19th Century wedding gown can be found on exhibit at the Wilder Museum of Warren County History. This precious textile was donated to the Warren County Historical Society by Mr. Robert Sokolski in 2012. The wedding gown had been passed along through generations, originally belonging to Sally Sokolski’s great grandmother, Sara Pratt Wilcox. It was handed down to the oldest female child of each generation, the dress began with Sara Pratt Wilcox and was later given to Sadie Wilcox Tomlinson, then Margaret Tomlinson Plumb, and finally to Sara (Sally) Plumb Sokolski. Included with the ensemble is the wedding gown, shoes and headpiece. The dress is three pieces; a bodice, insert and skirt. It is believed that the wedding gown was worn around 1870. Sara (Sally) Plumb Sokolski served the community in many philanthropic activities before she passed away in March 2011. Sally’s legacy continues on today through The Sara Sokolski Memorial Fund.

The Wilder Museum of Warren County History is located at 51 Erie Ave., Irvine, and is open Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 1 to 5 p.m. until Oct. 5. For more information about the museum, visit warrenhistory.org or call the Warren County Historical Society at 723-1795.