District receives IU funds

The Warren County School District has received an additional $99,804.03 as the result of an audit process which last year revealed millions in funding stored by Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit 5 that should have been awarded to local school districts.

The most recent disbursement comes after the IU returned $534,000 to the district in March, a portion of the $9 million total that was identified to be returned to member schools.

Board Vice-president Donna Zariczny, the district’s IU board member representative, told the board during their monthly meeting held on Monday night that phase two distributions to districts have been completed.

“In talking with John (Grant, Finance Committee chair) and Jim (Grosch, director of business services), we’re of the mind that we should probably go ahead and put this in the district’s PLGIT (PA Local Government Investment Trust) account until we figure out where we want this money to go.”

She cautioned the board that this payment is, “not going to be a recurring fund. We’re slowly dwindling the dollars we’re getting back.”

She said that this might not be the last distribution check the district receives, but noted that the process is coming to a close.

While it was the superintendents of the member school districts that commissioned the original audit that revealed the excess funds, Zariczny did inform the board that, “not all of the dollars we have distributed have gone to the 15 member districts.”

She explained that the IU has also made disbursements to private and charter schools that utilize IU services.

“We’re in the process of getting restitution to everybody,” she said.

At the conclusion of the meeting, a motion was made to place the funds in the district’s PLGIT account.

Board member Tom Knapp asked whether there is any type of timeframe in place regarding the ultimate disposition of the funds.

Zariczny suggested that the board’s annual goal setting period would be an appropriate time to determine the use of those funds. That session is typically in the fall.

Superintendent Dr. William Clark said that he will come forward with recommendations for the potential use of the funds, “at some point.”