Board grants 3 zoning waivers

The Warren County Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously granted three waivers to lot size and right of way requirements during its meeting last week.

The commission was approached by Ken Herron regarding a property he purchased in Pittsfield Township. County Planner Dan Glotz noted that Herron recently purchased the Tussey Mountain Log Homes property on Route 6.

Herron told the commission that he “purchased it last year. What the intent of this (is), I bought it from the bank.” He explained that one of his proposals for utilizing the property was to divide it into five lots.

The business will remain on one of the lots, he said, but he explained that two of the lots fall below the minimum lot size and one cannot meet a zoning requirement of regarding road frontage.

Each of the proposed parcels has a log cabin on it and Herron said, “The intent of me doing this is to market this to out-of-area hunters and fishermen.”

Glotz said the subdivision ordinance requires each parcel to maintain 150 feet of road frontage as well as be one acre in size. Herron said that two of the lots, one .75 and the other .5 acres, fall below the minimum. Glotz noted that one of the parcel’s road frontage is between 115 and 120 feet.