Area near dam could be closed to camping

Potential resource damage to a strip of Forest Service land on Hemlock Road could result in the closure of that land to camping.

Speaking to the Warren County Council of Governments on Wednesday in the conference room at the Allegheny National Forest headquarters, Acting Deputy Bradford District Ranger Collin Koers said that there are a “number of dispersed recreation camping sites” in just that area east of the dam.

According to a statement from the ANF, the area situated between the road and the river “is frequently used for daytime activities and camping. The area is not very large and is not able to accommodate the amount of use it’s getting without resource damage occurring.”

Koers explained that the Forest Service is working with local government and local law enforcement to address the concerns and noted that “one option on the table is to close those sites to camping. (We) haven’t put anything into motion yet.”

The location is in Glade Township and, during the meeting, Glade Township Supervisor Dave Sedon noted that the spot is “right below the dam. (There is a) big one right below the tailwaters. Someone started with building a campfire” and cut down trees in the process. He said that the barren space is “now the size of this room.”

The statement said that local residents have been collaborating with the ANF to help “clean-up the area of litter.”