Cub Scout sign-up nights are Monday, Wednesday

Cub Scout sign-up nights have been scheduled, beginning Monday.

Sign up on Sept. 9 at Youngsville Free Methodist Church at 6 p.m. Sandy Benedict is the contact person for Pack 30; 563-3489.

Sign ups continue Wednesday, Sept. 11 at:

St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church, 6 p.m. (Pack 6, Dan Glotz, 723-6516).

First Presbyterian Church, 6 p.m. (Pack 8, Jill Woody, 723-4449).

North Warren Fire Hall, 6 p.m. (Pack 13, Troy Johnson, 726-2767).

Russell United Methodist Church, 6 p.m. (Pack 14, Ruth Barnes Shaw, 757-1424).

Sugar Grove Free Methodist Church, 6:30 p.m. (Pack 18, Derek Jensen, 489-3023, or Dale McMillan, 757-8068)

Saint John Roman Catholic Church (Saint John Center), 6 p.m. (Pack 27, Dennis Sabella, 484-3609)

Sheffield Lions Club, 6 p.m. (Pack 36, April Miller, 968-5413))

Saint John’s Lutheran Church, 6:30 p.m. (Pack 45, Adam Cassell, 730-9817)

Grace United Methodist Church, 6 p.m. (Pack 782, Marc Page, 723-5169)

For Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Pack 43, call anytime, Spencer Duffee, 563-7579.

All boys from first to fifth grade may sign up whether they participated in a prior year or not. Those who cannot make a sign-up night should call the contact person and make other arrangements. Boys may sign up for Cub Scouting at any time of year, and may start the program at any grade level. For more information, call the pack contact or call the Chief Cornplanter Council, Boy Scouts of America, at 723-6700.