‘Still a learning curve in Senate’

Experience in a job doesn’t necessarily prepare you for another job in the same building.

That’s been one of the lessons that State Sen. Scott Hutchinson (R-21) has learned since taking his seat in the Pennsylvania Senate in January.

Hutchinson, in a meeting with the Warren County Council of Governments on Wednesday night, said that it is “still a learning curve figuring out the dynamics working in the Senate.”

He said the process has been “exciting and challenging.”

Hutchinson previously represented the 64th District in the state House of Representatives from 1992 until his election to the Senate in 2012, replacing former State Sen. Mary Jo White. The 64th District entails all of Venango and portions of Butler counties.

His new district is a bit bigger.

The 21st District encompasses all of Clarion County as well as parts of Butler, Erie, Forest, Venango and Warren. The City of Warren, Mead Township and Clarendon Borough fall in the 25th District represented by Sen. Joe Scarnati.

He talked on Wednesday about the process of “getting to know people in the new part of his district, all of whom are important opinion makers… where the rubber meets the road.”

Hutchinson said those conversations have helped “me figure out what the priorities of the 21st District are.”