Residents warned of computer scam

The Warren County Sheriff’s Office has received information from Insight Technology and would like to pass it on to the public, according to Chief Deputy William G. Gardner:

“Insight Technology has had several reports in less than a month about Warren citizens being contacted by callers claiming to be “remote support” from vendors such as Dell, HP and other. The caller claims the need to provide urgent updates, or some type of upgrades to your PC. They also set out to “convince” or persuade the user to allow remote access to their PC.

“Once remote access is made into your PC you are vulnerable, the release stated. Do not allow them to get this far. In some cases they are searching for credit card information or planting viruses that will send them future credit card information and transactions.

“Another “twist” on this scam is they claim to find a problem and need your credit card to process the upgrade to repair the system. In essence they merely want to steal your credit card information. Do not provide this.

“In one case in Warren County they told the consumer that if they did not provide the credit card information they would promptly destroy the consumers’ computer. They did just that by formatting the contents of the machine and rendered it inoperable right before their eyes.

“Do not allow unsolicited remote support connections to your computer. Vendors and manufacturers never contact you on the phone out of the blue and ask to connect to your computer. If they do it is very likely a scam.”