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Dear editor:

“We must be the great arsenal of Democracy”

The present situation in Syria should be frightening to even the most casual observer of international affairs. As a national debate ensues over whether Congress should authorize a limited use of air capabilities to counter Bashar Al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons, America should be mindful of its place as leader of the free world.

Bashar Al-Assad’s war on his own people started over two years ago. Protesters demanding the basic human right of a fair and accountable government were fired on by Assad’s forces. He proceeded to crackdown on protestors and civilians and it is estimated that his forces are responsible for the deaths of over 40,000 civilians (10,000 women and children). Recently, we have reason to believe that Assad used illegal chemical weapons to slaughter over 1,400 civilians.

Mass murder conducted by brutal tyrants like Assad has happened before and America, as leader of the free world, must respond to such flagrant crimes against humanity. America sets a dangerous precedent when we do not respond to dictators like Assad who illegally use chemical weapons to murder civilians.

The United States is fully capable of launching a series of targeted airstrikes that will cripple Assad’s ability to use chemical weapons in the future; the United States should not and does not need to put boots on the ground to hold Assad responsible for his use of chemical weapons.

If America is to continue to be the leader of the free world, we cannot allow autocrats like Assad to commit war crimes and then mock our ability to respond. I urge you to contact our Congressman to urge them to authorize limited military strikes on strategic Syrian targets.


Drew Greenwald